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29th September 2016 

Reisflexology is a mobile practice based in Staffordshire.

I provide a mobile service which brings all the benefits of a relaxing therapeutic treatment without you having to leave the comfort of your own home, no travel involved and leaving you in the right place at the right time.

Reflexology as a preventative measure can give you the health balance needed to reach optimum performance naturally.

As well as being a preventative therapy Reflexology can also be a great aid to those recovering from illness as it can assist to boost the immune system.

The therapy entails specialised massage of different points on the body, feet, legs, hands, face or ears which then correspond to different areas of the body.

Stress is a major cause of illness today. Many people with a typical tough workload feel tired all the time and this can be the first signs of illness. As part of the therapy I offer relaxing anti stress techniques which can help a great deal as the more relaxed you feel the healthier you can become. An early goal I set my clients is to achieve a peaceful frame of mind which can then help calm the body and assist with a good nights sleep. We also look at Life Management as this can alleviate stress and anxiety and achieve a brighter outlook.

Reflexology can provide the perfect therapy for todays 'rush and tumble' society.

More and more people every day are experiencing the health care options offered by
'Complementary and Alternative Medicine' (CAM). So give yourself time to recharge naturally by exploring the new health landscape. Taking a responsible and safe approach to holistic health leads to extra vitality.

I visit clients in Upper Tean, Telford, Lichfield, Uttoxeter, Leek, Macclesfield and the surrounding areas.