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Welcome to my reflexology world.

Think of one of your favourite places. A place were silence is essence and warm air soothes the soul. Eyes closed, take a deep breath of comfort and slowly ease the strain of a stressful existence away, with the comfort of reflexology therapeutic treatments.

Together the age old treatment of reflexology and the tired of suffering have come together to relieve stress by

manipulating the reflex points in your hands and feet,

the effects of ill health can be eased and illuminated

as the body takes time off from fighting stress.

Taking that time, helps to rejuvenate all the major organs and increase the oxygen levels which circulate

around the system.  When our bodies are relaxed

we can repair ourselves over time,

with good lifestyle choices

 and the will to be strong the therapy of

reflexology can bring back the natural balance

needed to maximise the strength of our own immune system.

All you have to do is relax

and I will treat you with great care and a life time of healing others with my hands.

One picture from the pyramids depicts a reflexologist treating the Pharos

and the translated inscription beside it reads

We Will Do no Harm.

A simple pledge from all practising reflexologist.

Including this one.


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